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Questions referring to tropical cyclones, hurricanes or typhoons and their behavior; or how much destruction they can cause.

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Does the California cyclone change the California current?

I opened for the California area and I found that the California current is displayed in the opposite way - from south to north. Is it affected by the recent cyclone or am I misunderstanding ...
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Aerosol injections to manage European heatwaves?

The heatwave that hit Europe in July was not only highly unpleasant (40°C), but has been predicted to be an exceptionally onerous medical, agricultural and economic burden. As someone outside of the ...
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What happens if a cyclone can reach the warm waters of the Persian Gulf?

Historically cyclones were very very rare along the southern coast of Iran, maybe one in a century. But in recent years two cyclones hit Iran and northern Oman: Cyclone Gonu in 2007 and recently ...
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How does the jet stream affect weather in Europe?

I researched how mid lattitude cyclones form and found it has to do with the jet stream, which is above the polar front. The pressure difference between the warm and cold air causes a pressure ...
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Cone of uncertainty in cyclones

Whenever I look up the track of a cyclone on the map, I always notice that the cone of uncertainty bulges as it moves towards land/ target. I have inserted two images to show you what I mean, you ...
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Is surface temperature relevant for the creation of high- and low pressures areas?

Trying to truly understand high- and low-pressure systems, I find explanations contradicting. The question is: Where is the mistake in my line of thoughts? Looking from a surface point of view: More ...
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Weather produced by symmetric cold core cyclones

I know that, although rare, there are symmetric cold core cyclones (with a few of them even having a shallow cold core). They encompass some occluded extratropical cyclones, some dissipating tropical ...
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Can we calculate the pressure gradient impact on two cyclones with the Fujiwhara effect?

If two cyclones come together and orbit each other as per the Fujiwhara Effectis there a way to calculate the change in pressure gradient that each will face? If not, are there at least pressure ...
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Tropical cyclones in North Indian Ocean in winter

The North Indian Ocean basin which consists of Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea witnesses mainly two tropical cyclone seasons: pre-monsoon and post-monsoon. My question is that what is it that causes the ...
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Extratropical transition of tropical cyclone

I am a beginner of learning Tropical Cyclone. I would like to represent the extratropical transition of a tropical cyclone. But I can't understand on what actually in need to focus. For a tropical ...
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Is there any possible way that a tropical cyclone of any strength could form over land?

Most tropical cyclones rapidly weaken over land, however, given some conditions (such as very wet soil/ground cover and tropical lower atmospheric conditions) they can sustain themselves or even ...
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What is the most powerful kind of extratropical cold core cyclone and why?

I want to understand what makes for a very strong extratropical cyclone. So which kind on Earth is the strongest in terms of windspeed or pressure? Southern ocean storms, nor'easter, European wind ...
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How to find Steering Flow of a tropical cyclone?

I am wondering a method to find the steering flow of a tropical cyclone from wind data?
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Why do tropical cyclones get more attention than extratropical cyclones?

For tropical cyclones we have carefully tracked every instance of them, and naming them as soon as they have reached a certain intensity... flying aircraft in to measure conditions... compiling ...
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How Fast Could a Cyclone at the North Pole Achieve?

Given a tropical arctic region on a planet like our own, how fast could a cyclone go at the north pole where the Coriolis effect is greatest? In essence: have current cyclones maxed out the wind ...
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In the South Atlantic and South-Eastern Pacific regions in tropical latitudes, cyclone does not originate. What is the reason? [duplicate]

Update: Granted the question has been asked in different form; but the answer still escapes me. At one place I read that locations in question have low sea-surface temperature. At ...
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Vortices in the Atmosphere Sustained only by PGF

In a cyclone, the pressure gradient force (PGF) and the Coriolis force sustain the spinning motion and causes the direction of spin (counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the ...
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Coriolis effect and Cyclones

The Coriolis force predicts that winds in the northern hemisphere should be deflected in a clockwise pattern and winds in the southern hemisphere should be deflected in an anti-clockwise pattern. Why ...
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What are the key differences between warm and cold core cyclones?

What are the key differences between warm and cold core cyclones? What is an example of each?
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