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Did the Three Gorges Dam shift the North Pole by 2 cm?

Numerous sources repeat that, apart from slowing down the rotation of the globe, the Three Gorges Dam caused the geographic pole to shift by 2 cm. For example:
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Modeling the total water inflow across multiple reservoirs

I'm new to hydrology and I have a question regarding the modeling of multiple reservoirs. I need to estimate the total water inflow to multiple reservoirs that will be observed tomorrow, conditional ...
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How does the water passing Dike Kokaral compare to the discharge of the Syr Darya river before its water flow was improved?

According to Wikipedia, the North Aral Sea is being partially restored, by restoring some of the Syr Darya river's flow (which was diverted by the Soviet Union for irrigation), and by building Dike ...
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Flood and Statistics

A recent flood was due to combined effect of rainfall(precipitation) and reservoir storage. I have daily rainfall data and reservoir storage data. How can I correlate these two to get a statistical ...
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