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Has this Science improved since 2018

Growing food in deserts with seawater seems to be a way to feed people and revitalize a ravished landscape. They appear to be doing it already. Why can't We pipe some ocean water inland from the West ...
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What are some reasons for Aridification

I an working on a Si-Fi world, and am looking for ways that an area would, over a long timescale, lose the majority of its water. I understand how the lose of vegetative cover due to climate changes ...
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Why did the Tigris and Euphrates but not the Nile river basins experience desertification?

The sites of ancient Mesopotamian civilizations tend to be very dry, unlike those of ancient Egypt. Looking at the areas via online maps also shows, that while the Nile river basin remains very green, ...
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Why are the south, the west and the north of the Caspian sea lush but its east completely dry?

About the Caspian sea area today: The south is very lush with the subtropical forests of the Iranian provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan (although less "tropical" in Golestan) The ...
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Will global warming expand the tropical zone

It is widely known (to the general audience, I'm not a climatologist) that global warming will let the desert climates migrate further away from the equator towards the poles, such that the South of ...
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Can the frequent mowing without watering cause the total desertification in arid climate?

The law describes several modes of lawn care like ...
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Why does climate change generate desertification?

According to IPCC: Climate change can be a significant driver of desertification and land degradation and can affect food production, thereby, influencing food security. Source: IPCC My ...
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When was it ever considered that the desert might be "man-made", or otherwise anthropocenically-induced?

This answer pointed me to the Wikipedia page for Farouk El-Baz in which the desert research and theories subsection says: During the past 20 years in his research at Boston University, El-Baz has ...
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