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Questions tagged [drought]

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Initial indexes for calculating the Fire Weather Index (in the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System)

I am applying the Canadian Fire Weather Index (FWI) on the Forest Fire Warning System of my laboratory. My problem is in calculating the Fine Fuel Moisture Code (FFMC), the Duff Moisture Code (DMC) ...
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Drought Prediction

I have read many articles about drought forecasting, but I always come across the concept of 'lead time' for SPI forecasting. Please can someone who knows the subject briefly explain the concept of '...
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R SPEI package on waterbalance timeseries for multiple locations with NA's: unexpected data output distribution

I want to use the spei() function in the SPEI package on a waterbalance dataset from 2015-2020 of 99 locations. The waterbalance is calculated out of MODIS PET values (8-day summed to monthly) and ...
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