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Could the Dead Sea dry up? and if so, when?

According to recent findings, during the last interglacial period, about 120,000 years ago, the precursor of the Dead Sea (Lake Lisan) dried up perhaps entirely. Today, the Dead Sea level is dropping ...
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Any historical examples of destructive climate warming?

Summation: Local cooling climate changes, since the last ice age seem relatively common and all seem to cause significant harm to human population. But I can't find instances of the reverse, warming ...
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What is the significance of the "super historic" rainfall for July 2015 in southern California?

On July 19, 2015 there was record rainfall over the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. This is amidst a historic drought and the rain is needed. This article:
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Initial indexes for calculating the Fire Weather Index (in the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System)

I am applying the Canadian Fire Weather Index (FWI) on the Forest Fire Warning System of my laboratory. My problem is in calculating the Fine Fuel Moisture Code (FFMC), the Duff Moisture Code (DMC) ...
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Effects of global warming on drought in India

Is there an intuitive explanation for non-specialists why India is projected to experience a decrease in drought (= increase in PDSI) due to global warming, unlike most areas at the same latitude(s), ...
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How should I start studying about 'successful transitions in post-drought economies'?

Accept my apologies for weak formulation of my question. I do not have any background in environmental sciences, but since recently a lot of coverage in the media has been devoted to future droughts ...
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Drought in Scotland?

The BBC reported on March 28, 2022 that Guinard Island was on fire. That strikes me as odd. The west of Scotland should be wet in spring. A wildfire in Scotland in March seems strikingly out of place ...
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'Forcing' in PDSI Calculation

I'm new to climate science - starting to get familiar with the field by reading some published articles. Terminology is always hard when starting into a new domain. In this paper, Dai - Increasing ...
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Drought Prediction

I have read many articles about drought forecasting, but I always come across the concept of 'lead time' for SPI forecasting. Please can someone who knows the subject briefly explain the concept of '...
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Large Scale lightning Strikes from Cloudless or Near Coudless Skies. How Does it Work?

It is reported in the media that currently in Australia there are dozens of wildfires caused by lightning strikes. I am familiar with the mechanism of ordinary British lightning involving cumulonimbus ...
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SPI (Standardized Precipitation Index) for 40 years seasonal mean

I am working with SPI (Standardized Precipitation Index) and in particular I am interested in obtaining the seasonal mean observation over a period of 40 years. The meteorological season I am ...
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Spatial extent and predictability of various hazards.

My question concerns the following three hazards: earthquakes, hurricanes and drought. In terms of spatial extent (wide spread, limited), I believe that earthquakes generally have the most limited ...
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How much variation in total precipitation does the Earth receive each year?

I'm interested in this question because we invariably get persistent headlines year after year about drought. If it's true that the Earth receives roughly the same amount of precipitation every year, ...
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R SPEI package on waterbalance timeseries for multiple locations with NA's: unexpected data output distribution

I want to use the spei() function in the SPEI package on a waterbalance dataset from 2015-2020 of 99 locations. The waterbalance is calculated out of MODIS PET values (8-day summed to monthly) and ...
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Is it possible that the recent droughts are signs of epic crust failure? [closed]

The full question is: Is it possible that the recent, successive, long droughts from Australia to the West Coast of both American continents are signs of epic crust failure? The question is aimed ...
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