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Have we mined more on earth than 1% mass of moon? Because doing that to moon could potentially effect its gravitational pull

They say humans would need to mine 1% of moons mass to have an effect on earth's gravitational pull. Since the moon is 1.2% of the size of earth (tiny) & the minerals mined on the moon will be ...
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Why is there a low gravity anomaly right next to a high gravity anomaly next to mascons on the Moon?

This is from the book "Isosatsy and Flexure of the Atmosphere" by A. B. Watts. According to him, evidence for the isostatic compensation of mascons (i.e. regions of higher density material ...
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What would be the effect of a geostationary moon?

What kinds of differences from our Earth would we see with a moon in a geostationary orbit over the equator? Assuming the gravitational pull is roughly the same as it is with ours (my back of the ...
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Does the Sun and Moon basically appear to "move on the sky" identically regardless of location and date? [closed]

For a long time, I've been trying to use Stellarium (simulation) and many visualizations and animations in order to get a good idea of how the Sun and Moon move across the sky, as seen by a human from ...
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What is this Sun and moon photographic anomaly?

Below is a photo that my son took in Scotland showing the sun and moon at the same time. I immediately noticed this anomaly that the light illuminating the moon could not possibly come from the sun. I ...
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Which Earth minerals would Moon colonists miss the most?

In my science-based novel, Moon colonists need to return to Earth to collect some rare or absent mineral(s) Ideally, something they could derive from seawater. Which minerals might they be...?
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Why are there craters on the moon?

The Earth's moon is in synchronous rotation around Earth. The question: Why are there craters on the lit side of the moon and the dark and of which are not parallel with crater schemes on Earth?
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Musing on Earth's gravity

(a) What, if anything, is the difference between Earths geographic center, i.e. mid-point of the spin axis, and the gravitational center? (b) What is the average distance between the Earth's center ...
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