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Did the Three Gorges Dam shift the North Pole by 2 cm?

Numerous sources repeat that, apart from slowing down the rotation of the globe, the Three Gorges Dam caused the geographic pole to shift by 2 cm. For example:
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Is daylight time symmetrical between northern and southern hemisphere?

At lat +50.0 on Jun 21 and lat -50.0 on Dec 21 is the time between sunrise and sunset exactly the same? And so on throughout the parallels and the days of the year? If not can you explain why? I ...
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Query about inclination in Earth's axis of rotation

Earth revolves around the Sun in a elliptical path, situated on one of the Sun's focal points. If Earth is considered as a large body with mass attracted towards the Sun's core causing its revolution ...
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Why does the Earth's pole precess clockwise in this data set, rather than counter-clockwise?

This is something of a technical question, and it may not be on topic. But I've managed to thoroughly confuse myself about it and I figured if any Stack could help me it would be this one. It is ...
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Would obliquity and precessional changes of Earth affect the accuracy of GPS-based measurement of tectonic movements?

The rate and direction of tectonic movements can be measured by comparing the coordinates of the same GPS receiver over time. The coordinates are obtained using trilateration. All materials I could ...
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If all liquid stuff inside the Earth turned solid, what would be the effect?

There are parts inside the Earth (near the core) that are liquid. Presumably causing the Earth's magnetic field (though there are celestial bodies that are completely solid while they have a magnetic ...
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Can changing magnetic fields or a solidifying core cause the Earth to rotate faster?

I had a small quarrel about this on the physics site. A question was asked about what could cause a change in the rotation speed of the Earth. In addition to the answers given I proposed the ...
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What is the angle between earth's axis of rotation and equator? Are they perpendicular or at 66 1/2 Degrees?

By rotational axis I mean axial tilt or Axial obliquity or 66 1/2 degrees tilt of earth to its orbital.
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What would happen to the Subtropical Ridge/Horse latitudes and Polar front if the Earth was rotating 5% faster?

Would they move towards the Equator/Poles? Stay in the same place? What about if the Earth was rotating 10% slower? Is there a rotation speed for Earth which will lead to 4 wind belts instead of 3 ?
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