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5 votes
3 answers

Making a local geological field trip an interesting and educational event for children?

I have no expertise in geology or earth science, but I would like to do a "field trip" with my home-schooled young children (under age 10) where I could teach them about geology from a hands-on ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Applications of differential/integral calculus in crystallography (teaching undergraduates)?

I'm a mathematics professor who is seeking to find interesting, application-driven ways of teaching freshmen college students differential/integral calculus. I am in no way versed in crystallography ...
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3 votes
1 answer

MS in Geosciences With Concentration in Environmental Geosciences Degree Outlook

I am considering a MS in Geoscience but am curious with the naming conventions associated within the fields of geology. Is Geoscience similar, or interchangeable with geology? Yes, I would be new to ...
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How to contextualize climate "1.14C warmer than pre-industrial" for a general audience

I'm trying to help a general audience understand some important climate numbers, starting with the fact that we're about 1.14°C warmer than pre-industrial. Is it helpful context or misleading ...
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Are there any geology only related educational institutions?

I'm not looking for college recommendations or which is the best, so I'm not asking for opinions on which institutions are the best. What I would like to know is if there are specific places that ...
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How do you infer what a cross section might look like below sea level?

Here is a schematic of a cross section which should represent an anticline: Below sea level, I have inferred what the units might look like with the dashed lines. As I have ...
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0 answers

Should I get my master's in Environmental Science or Environmental Engineering given a Computer Science background? [closed]

I'm currently a Computer Science undergraduate at Georgia Tech. I have ~3.5 GPA, and I want to become a data scientist for the NOAA or a similar organization concerning the acidification of the oceans....
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