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How to deduce the atmospheric mixed time-space domain energy cycle formulae, and where can Arpe et al. (1986) be found?

(Where can I know) How these formulae in the figure (Ulbrich and Speth, 1991), called mixed space-time domain formulation of the energy cycle, were deduced? And the reference Arpe et al. (1986), I can ...
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What are the inhibiting factors that are hindering ocean wave-based electricity generation?

Considering the amount of available energy there is for the conversion to electricity (ocean waves being endless) I would imagine more attention to this approach by all energy based-companies, as well ...
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What is the wind power potential of the Falkland islands?

The Falkland Islands have an extensive territory, they are sparsely populated and they are on the path of the southern winds, which blow almost constantly.The wind power potential should be enormous. ...
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Why is one Joule of pasture is not equal to one Joule of meat according to Emergy analysis?

Why is one Joule of pasture is not equal to one Joule of meat according to Emergy analysis? Is it because the energy going into the pasture can be renewable or non-rewnewable?
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What is the difference between Waste Disposal Services and Waste heat?

I came across these two terms and not sure if they could more or less be considered the same thing. wikipedia defines it as: Waste heat is heat that is produced by a machine, or other process that ...
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Why is the energy transition start not reflected in the CO2 concentration graphs?

This is a graph from a reputable source of CO2 concentrations in atmosphere the last decades: I would expect that, as we have been using clean energy for some years now, the graph would start to ...
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What are the major factors of energy coming into and leaving the Earth?

Earth is a very special goldilocks planet which somehow maintains a useful thermal range for life. In order to do this, it must have some function of absorbing and releasing energy. If it absorbed ...
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How are we going to handle oxygen shortage problem arising due to massive usage of current fossil fuel combustion and future Hydrogen fuel cell tech?

This question is being redirected from the Chemistry Stack Exchange community. The current corona pandemic has created a situation where in order to save lives, there is a huge huge requirement for ...
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What is oldest known coal source?

I read coal form in all geologic times but what is oldest know coal source?
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Tidal current energy chart - Messina Strait

I am a student in industrial engineering, and I am doing a business plan related to exploiting Messina Strait current for electrical energy. Does anyone have a tidal stream chart (either with velocity ...
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What part does methane play in the process of producing biogas?

I should point out first that I don't know the first thing about environmental science, I study mathematics, and the reason I am asking this question is because I want to understand the processes ...
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What is the most expensive project related to Earth's geology and/or to engineering geology on the Earth? [closed]

Costs related to space exploration are well documented. However, what about the costs of Earth projects like dam/mines/tunnels? What has been the most expensive projects? I know that nuclear power ...
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