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How can sublimation of glacial ice cause positive mass balance?

I am trying to understand how the sublimation process can cause a positive mass balance in general, intuitively as highlighted in the text taken from W. S. B. Paterson,The Physics of Glaciers: 3rd ...
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Estimating longwave radiative forcing from clouds from direct/diffuse shortwave components

I am trying to estimate the downward longwave forcing from clouds. I have in-situ measurements of the direct and diffuse components of the incoming shortwave radiation, and I also have the top-of-...
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Calculating Sensible Heat using Monin-Obukhov Similarity Theory (Stable Stratification)

I am calculating the sensible heat (H) using MOST and have run into a few problems. First off, I calculated an initial H (from Rn-G-LvET) to start the iteration. Using Eqn 2-5, I calculated u*(1), L(...
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How much does the biosphere contribute to Earth's entropy production?

Papers like 1, 2, etc. and the work of Axel Kleidon (e.g. 3) suggest that the the biosphere increases the production of entropy of Earth but I'd like to know if we could quantify this in a simple way. ...
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FLUXNET15 - how to convert latent heat flux to actual evapotranspiration?

Can we convert latent heat flux to actual evapotranspiration using simply this conversion rate: 2.45 MJ m-2 day-1 = 1 mm day-1 (Allen, 1998)?
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Can Horizontal Radiation Fluxes Contribute to Net Column Heating?

I've noticed that in many papers it's common to assume the (daily or longer averaged) vertically integrated radiative heating can be expressed $F_z(\text{TOA})-F_z(\text{SURF})$, where $F_z$ is the ...
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Direct and Diffused component of shortwave radiation in ERA5 data

I am following the paper to calculate UTCI using ERA5 meteorological variables. In the paper, the authors have ...
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How much energy does Earth surface radiate at night per square meter?

I am finding lots of information about Earth's energy budget, about how objects emit infrared radiation based on heat, and lots of related things, but nothing helping me figure out how much energy is ...
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What will be the temperature on Earth when Sun finishes its main sequence?

We know that presently Sun is 4.5 billion years into its main sequence. It has another 5 billion years before it enters the Red Giant phase. We also know that Sun's luminosity increases by 10% every ...
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How CO$_2$ warming effect stays overnight?

Water vapor looses it energy at night (no sun, no UV) and this is deposited as dew. Change of state requires a massive energy change, in general. Is the greenhouse effect of CO$_2$ not lost when it ...
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What is the relationship between net primary productivity and emergy?

Looking at the Earth system as a whole and considering ecological economics, net primary productivity and emergy are two concepts that strike me as fundamental and likely related. I'm not sure what ...
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Sensible and Latent Heat. how to separate them

I need help with latent and sensible heat. P.S: I have been through all Wikipedia and other pages that say phase change and temperature change. My Question is: if there is convection, it will take ...
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Plotting moist static energy fluxes

I'm trying to plot Moist static energy fluxes (vectors) and their divergence like the attached Figure. I have monthly means of u, v, temperature, specific humidity and geopotential from(1000-100 hPa) ...
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Why are solar longwave and terrestrial shortwave radiations neglected in radiation balance models?

For an assignment I was given the question: Explain why solar radiation is neglected in atmospheric “long wave” calculations and Earth radiation is neglected in atmospheric “short wave” calculations. ...
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Is Bowen ratio an absolute indicator of land surface type based on the amount of heat transfer from the surface?

Bowen ratio (BR) is the ratio of sensible heat flux to latent heat flux, i.e., $$Q=Q_{s}/Q_{l}$$ where $Q_{s}$ is the sensible heat flux and $Q_{l}$ is the latent heat flux. It is an indicator of ...
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