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Tidal current energy chart - Messina Strait

I am a student in industrial engineering, and I am doing a business plan related to exploiting Messina Strait current for electrical energy. Does anyone have a tidal stream chart (either with velocity ...
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Why are REGOs are so bad?

Firstly, a REGO is a Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin. We have these in the UK, and they are probably quite self-explanatory: a windfarm (for example) generates a certain amount of kWh which are ...
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How to deduce the atmospheric mixed time-space domain energy cycle formulae, and where can Arpe et al. (1986) be found?

(Where can I know) How these formulae in the figure (Ulbrich and Speth, 1991), called mixed space-time domain formulation of the energy cycle, were deduced? And the reference Arpe et al. (1986), I can ...
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Do sustainable aviation fuels make sense?

I'm not an expert in the sustainable aviation fuel field, but I have a descent understanding of science and the energy sector. I recently attended a conference where there were several presentations ...
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How to use CMIP6 to predict windspeed in the future?

I'm very new to climate modelling and forecasting, I have chosen a project to forecast wind energy output in the future using wind speed prediction, I wish to use CMIP6 to predict. But I have very ...
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