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If I stood on the equator and threw a stone in direction of rotation, how much farther would the stone go than if I threw it the other direction?

Assuming a spinning Earth of 6378.1 km (3963 mi) radius, how much farther would the additional momentum carry a stone if I threw it in the direction of the Earth's rotation (i.e. eastwards) when ...
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Is the representation of Earth oriented correctly in this image?

Is there something wrong with this image? I found it in Wikipedia's article Ecliptic coordinate system and the image's source page is here. What bothers me is the orientation of the Earth's surface (...
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What is the angle between earth's axis of rotation and equator? Are they perpendicular or at 66 1/2 Degrees?

By rotational axis I mean axial tilt or Axial obliquity or 66 1/2 degrees tilt of earth to its orbital.
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why does Earth have three wind cells instead of just one? [duplicate]

I wondered what causes three wind cells on earth -Hadley Cells, Ferrel Cells, and Polar Cells, instead of just a one big cell from equator to the pole? I'd like a straightforward, intuitive ...
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Why does more sunlight hits the equator than the ecliptic path?

I've always been told that the equator is the region on Earth that receives the most sunlight. But I wondered, since the ecliptic is the circular path that the Sun appears to follow over the course ...
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Easy homework questions about seasons and daytime

The following homework assignment is supposed to be easy, but there seems to be information missing from the questions asked (or at the very least knowledge from OP). At which width circle does the ...
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How much of one day can be considered nighttime, on average?

What is the split between night and day on Earth on average? To further clarify, assume we are on the equator, I want to know how long a time, as a percentage, you could consider to be nighttime on ...
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Why does the intensity of sunlight depend on your latitude? [duplicate]

People at the equator get to bask in more sunlight than Santa Clause and other inhabitants of the arctic regions. Not quite as pronounced, but they get more than me too. Why is the sunlight more ...
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Equator and Hours of Daylight

Since the equator is closest to the sun, would it have more daylight hours compared to, say, the Tropic of Cancer? I am using an example, however, would it be true if the farther one is from the ...
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Is it possible to see Auroras from the equatorial region?

I thought Auroras are only visible in the North Pole and South Pole, but recently, I found out that Auroras can be seen in areas of the world closer to the equator. An example is that in the year ...
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Why is the troposphere 8km higher at the equator than the poles?

Fundamentals of atmospheric modeling show that the height of the tropopause depends on the location, notably the latitude, and that the troposphere is roughly 8km higher at the equator than the poles ...
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Impossible or improbable? Hurricane crossing the equator

No known hurricane has ever crossed the equator. Hurricanes require the Coriolis force to develop and generally form at least 5° away from the equator since the Coriolis force is zero there. Are ...
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