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What geographical features facilitate amber fossilization?

Image source: Wikimedia. There seems to be a few places in the world where amber (fossilized tree resin) can be found in large quantities: Amber can be found in many places around the world ...
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Fossil ID: possible fauna fossil, from Perlis, Malaysia

I found this fossil while doing my fieldwork in limestone area. Description below may help to identify it. Location: NW Perlis, Malaysia (Setul Formation). Hilly Area. My Observation: Have a curly ...
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Regular-ish chipings in slate - weird weathering, hewn or a fossil?

When hiking in the Moselvalley (on the Calmont, to be precise) I found a slightly rhomboid piece of slate measuring about 10 by 11 cm, with a thickness of ca. 2 to 4 cm. As can be seen in the first ...
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Looking for videos/GIFs of petrification/permineralization

Do you know of any good animations, videos, or GIFs of petrification/permineralization? For some students verbal and written explanations don’t work, they don't always visualize well. So it’d be ...
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Continuous production of amber by trees in one location

In which well known amber location did trees produce amber for the longest continuous period of time, roughly how long was it, and was it long enough to see signs of evolution at work in any of the ...
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Is the Talus (or Astralagus) the most frequently recorded fossil mammal bone?

I was once told by a paleontologist that the talus (or astralagus) bone is one of the most frequently observed fossils among mammals. Can anyone verify if this might be true? Because of the density ...
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Are fossils in slate 3 dimensional or does the slate split open at the weakest point where the flat imprint of the fossil is found?

In this picture you see a fossil of an Ammonite. When you break a slate with a hammer it will fall apart so sometimes you can find a fossil. But is this fossil only there in the slate just at the ...
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What kind of tooth is this?

Please help me identify this tooth and the era its from. I found it in Panama City Beach Florida. Its cold and hard when i bite it. It looks very old. Possibly a shark tooth?
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(Fósil hallado en Zapala, Neuquén) Fossil found in Zapala, Neuquén, Argentina

(Alguien podría decirme qué es?) Could someone tell me what it is? Zapala is in Western Argentina, east of the Andes Mountains. enter image description here English translation via Google Translate
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plant fossil or trace of water?

I've found this rock at the altitude of 2500 meters. Is it a plant fossil or trace of water?
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What is deepest fossil we have found?

Deepest as in has had the most sediment above it. Obviously it has to be exposed to be found but it's still considered deep if its previously been covered by sediment. I should mention im not looking ...
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Dating recent skeletons with radiometric dating techniques

Can we use radiometric dating techniques on recent skeletons from, say, around the year 2000 and so on and get the same result as the recorded date of death of the owner of the skeleton? If yes (or no)...
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Have fossil-containing gastroliths been found inside other fossils?

This article describes gastroliths ("stomach stones"). It says that gastroliths have been found inside the rib cages of fossilized creatures such as dinosaurs. It also says that gastroliths sometimes ...
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Is this a fossil or a mark on the stone

Found this rock during a walk along the coast and I can't tell weather the white line is a fossil or just a mark on the rock. Any help in identifing weather this is a fossil or not would be ...
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Identification of Iguanodon and Maiasaura

What are some good ways to distinguish between Iguanodon and Maisaura fossils, or even just pictures of the two dinosaurs?
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Are These Leaf Fossils Found Near a Texas Lake Shore?

I recently came across some intriguing specimens near a lake shore in Texas and am seeking your expertise to help identify them. The objects have a few characteristics that lead me to believe they ...
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