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Questions tagged [fracking]

Hydraulic fracturing (also fracking, fraccing, hydrofracturing or hydrofracking) is a well stimulation technique in which rock is fractured by a pressurized liquid.

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Should geothermal electricity be considered green?

I always considered geothermal energy a vast, emission-free green energy source. That is, if you happen to live in the right place. That also seems to be the sentiment online. I live in Italy, in the &...
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Do we know how large deposits of methane clathrates were formed in permafrost regions?

We can see that there are large buildups of methane clathrates in permafrost regions. This seems different to the buildups of natural gas which fracking releases, which appear to have just come from ...
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In hydraulic fracturing, can total oil/gas production be broken down by stage? [closed]

I have a hydraulic fracturing data set with some wells and each well is broken up into stages. My response is total well production and my goal is to be able to predict this total well production. The ...
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measuring fracture length and width using PKN and KGD models for hydraulic fracturing?

I am trying to understand PKN and KGD models for hydraulic fracturing. I am wondering why equations for fracture width and length does not include 'breakdown pressure' (pressure at which fracture ...
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Methane from fracking?

Methane has spiked sharply since 2014: BBC Methane surge needs 'urgent attention'. This coincides with a large increase in fracking. So I'm wondering if there could be a connection? I don't think ...
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12 votes
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viable geothermal energy supply from exhausted fracked gas wells?

The UK legislator with primary responsibility for energy has claimed that exhausted fracked natural-gas wells will be suitable for re-use as a geothermal energy supply (not necessarily geothermal for ...
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What is caesium-137 used for in fracking?

Caesium-137 is used in the fracking process. What is it used for?
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Is fracking likely to produce earthquakes?

Post Christchurch-2011 earthquake, there was much concern that fracking in the surrounding areas might lead to further quakes, as was rumoured to have happened elsewhere in the world. Is there ...
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