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How do we know the asteroids formed at the same time as earth?

In continuation of the question Why is Earth's age given by dating meteorites rather than its own rocks?, what evidence do we have that the asteroids indeed formed at the same time as earth? Is there ...
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What is the origin of the ocean's salt?

We know we cannot live without salt, but an investigation into the origins of ocean's salt leads one to believe that this issue is not fully resolved yet. What geological phenomenon caused the earth ...
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3 answers

Nuclear testing and the Anthropocene, a chemostratigraphic link?

The Anthropocene is described by Wikipedia as an informal geologic chronological term for the proposed epoch that began when human activities had a significant global impact on the Earth's ...
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Newton's estimate of the age of the Earth

I was reading many articles about estimates of the age of the Earth throughout the ages. I was dumbfounded when I read that Newton, arguably one of the greatest scientists ever to have ‘calculated’ ...
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Does water affect radiometric dating?

When radiometric dating, would water affect the measured age of old rocks ? Specifically would water affect Uranium-238 to Lead-206 dating of Zircon crystals? Would it affect the lead since it’s ...
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