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Oscillations in the variogram

I have created the following variogram. However, it can be seen that the values show a certain periodicity. Is this correct and where do these fluctuations come from?
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Can geochemical anomalies of stream sediment samples be used directly for mapping targets?

We know that geochemical dispersion in stream sediment is much widespread, facilitating discovering mineral targets in a regional scale. However, we also know that there should be discrepancy in space ...
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Spatial Continuity in python

I have data like this of rocks from 3 blast holes: These are the rock properties of each blast hole of a mining site. The rock properties come from the Block model of that mining site. I want to ...
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Spatial continuity

I am learning about geology and mining concepts. Can someone please explain me what does "Spatial Continuity" is only applied on spatial variables like some data on spatial area OR it can as well be ...
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Creating regular grid for my data? [closed]

I have daily spatiotemporal data with covariates at 10 different locations. My question is is it possible to convert my data into a grid format?
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what is the best way to detect spatial and temporal pattern of precipitation in mountainous region?

The study area rang from 500 to 8000 m above ground and distributed into 4 elevation classes, above 5000,4-5000, 3-4000, below 3000 m above ground. This region has different climate zone/precipitation ...
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What determines the spatial resolution of a study?

This might sound like a silly question to many of you, but I am addressing the comments of a referee regarding a study I'm trying to publish and I remained a little puzzled about this issue. Let's ...
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Is there a measure for the "dominance" of a city's population?

since there are topological isolation as well as prominence as measures to describe how "dominant" a summit is in comparison to the ones surrounding it, I was thinking about a similar measure to ...
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European soil texture dataset according to USDA classification

I'm looking for a dataset (in pretty much any format) of soil texture according to USDA classification (by U.S. Department of Agriculture). Is there anything that would cover the entirety of Europe? ...
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Algorithm confirmation for bringing in scalar field values from Gaussian grid to rotated lat lon grid

I am posting an algorithm (more of a procedure description) and I request a review of the correctness of the algorithm. Goal - To bring in scalar field values such as temperature, geopotential height,...
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GIMMS NDVI3g grid cells not entirely square-shaped?

The official data description of the recently updated GIMMS NDVI3g record describes the grid parameters of the dataset as follows. ...
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Convert satellite image data (GOES 15) into solar irradiance values?

I have GOES 15 satellite image data (GVAR_IMG) for a project that I am working on. The files are end in .BAND_01, .BAND_02, etc. I use the Panoply tool to view these files, but am looking for an ...
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Optimized interpolation method with fixed-location sample data points?

I'm trying to find an optimized spatial interpolation method that deals with fixed-location sample data points. Say if I have fixed-location sampling sites and collect data daily, and then use these ...
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Interpolating spatial data in contiguous sea areas only

I have a dataset consisting of irregularly spaced points in the ocean. For each point I have coordinates and a data value. I need to interpolate to a regular grid. So far, so easy. There are areas of ...
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Does anyone know of a DBMS with global geospatial search?

We need to store coverage areas and search by location over arbitrarily large areas. It has to be able to handle polar searches and coverage areas that span multiple hemispheres. No GIS can do this. ...
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