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For questions related to Geographic Information Systems: any digital tool that is designed to obtain, edit, analyze, and present spatially organized data. However, please note, a dedicated site for GIS questions,, might be a better place to ask GIS-related questions.

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Approaches for estimating potential evapotranspiration for non agricultural landuse classes

We are studying the water balance of a small catchment close to Jaipur, Rajasthan India in a semiarid climate. About a quarter of the landuse within the catchment is agriculture, the rest is divided ...
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Difference between Hillshading and Terrain Resource Information Management

I am picking up on remote sensing. I came across a paper where they use the shaded relief model from Terrain Resource Information Management (TRIM) for hillshading. However, is it the same as the ...
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Literature on thematic 4D maps

I need to understand more about thematic 4D mapping. I would roughly classify it as a method of cartography. In particular I want to do research on what software is being used to create thematic 4D ...
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How to determine associated USGS stream gauges with a watershed HUC?

USGS stream gauges have an associated drainage area, but the associated hydrologic unit listed by USGS is often different than the actual drainage area. How can one determine what hydrologic unit ...
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Origin of dislocations in FAO data between 1991 and 1992 (via World Bank)?

I have been inspecting the World Bank database, including development indicators based on FAO data. For some of these indicators, for instance "Permanent cropland (% of land area)" and "...
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Faulty dataset on

I am currently working on a research project regarding climate sensitivities of plant species and I need to analyze future climate data. has a broad spectrum of climate data based on ...
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Categories for supervised classification, wildlife analysis

I am using GIS to undertake a small research on the loss of natural habitat in north England. I will be using Supervised Classification where I train the system on a few examples, e.g. shallow water ...
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Has there been loss of natural habitat in north England?

Has there been loss of natural habitat in north England or Britain in general over the past years? If there was, what is the loss in percentage? A reference would be highly appreciated
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