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12 votes
2 answers

Change in earth mass since the time of the dinosaurs

Is there a significant difference in the mass of the Earth between now and the time of the dinosaurs (250 - 75 million years ago)? I was just wondering if the force of gravity on dinosaurs would have ...
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What would be the depth variation of a "water ellipsoid" above a reference ellipsoid Earth?

The question If the Earth was a smooth spheroid how deep would be the ocean? has an excellent answer which explains the shape and surface area of an oblate spheroid before calculating the average ...
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3 answers

Does gravity increase the closer to the core you get?

Or does the mantle and crust above you counteract the increase at one point and it actually decreases?
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4 answers

Hudson Bay Has Low Gravity?

Is there lower gravity at the Hudson Bay? How does this happen? And where exactly is this because I might want to go.
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12 votes
1 answer

What is the fastest the Earth has ever spun?

How fast can the Earth rotate and support life? In prehistoric times, dinosaurs were so massive that archeologists wonder how they were not crushed under their own weight. Could a faster spinning ...
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Why is sealevel higher where gravity is higher?

The EGM96 geoid map depicts hypothetical sealevel due to gravitational variations on the Earth's surface: image source It places one of the highest areas in the northern part of the Atlantic ocean. ...
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How much energy does the Moon transfer to the Earth, does this affect the Earth's surface temperature?

I'm wondering by how much the gravitation effects, tides etc caused by the moon (and other energy such as moonlight IR) increase the surface temperature of the Earth. So how much warmer than the ...
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2 answers

Why doesn't Wolfram Alpha show low gravitational acceleration for the Hudson Bay?

I thought I would be clever and add a new answer to Hudson Bay Has Low Gravity? by using Wolfram Alpha to report gravitational acceleration for different locations, but it looks like my cleverness ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Expression for the gradient of gravity potential in spherical coordinates

I am currently using the GGM05C Stokes' coefficients to reconstruct the gradient of gravity potential of Earth. I have found an expression for said gradient in spherical coordinates in this technical ...
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How much do tides affect earth's rotational velocity?

Many of us are familiar with an exaggerated picture of the Moon's effect on Earth's tides: Since the Earth is not uniformly covered with water, however, I imagine that the tidal effect will depend on ...
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Why does weaker local gravity cause lower sea level?

The weaker local gravity in the Indian Ocean geoid low (IOGL) causes the sea level to be 106 m below the global mean sea level. Why is that ? "Because of this lower density, the gravitational ...
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