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Is the atmospheric composition still changing naturally?

Earth's atmosphere has gone through "dramatic" composition changes over millions of years. A well-known example is the Great Oxidation Event. Currently the atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, 21% ...
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Would there have been a stratosphere in the Archean before the Great Oxygenation Event?

In today's world the presence of ozone in the stratosphere is the reason for the stratospheric temperature inversion which keeps a lid on the troposphere. But before the Great Oxygenation Event there ...
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Before the Great Oxygenation Event, where was the oxygen?

Today, the oxygen in the atmosphere is about 1018 kg. The estimated carbon biomass of the earth is about 4×1015. Less than 0.5%. Estimated fossil fuels are around 5 times as much as existing carbon ...
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Why limestone formation was not a concern in atmosphere oxidation event? [closed]

I have just got to know why Fe was a problem. After clay (alumnum) and Silicon got oxidized, there has left a lot of unoxidized Fe in the crust, whose oxidization has finished during GOE. But, ferrum ...
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Why is Great Oxidation Event associated with Iron oxidation but not Aluminum or Silicon?

Just to build up on my previous success with oxygen origin in the atmosphere, I want to expand the question as was advised in the answers. The official heresy, despite denied in the comments and ...
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Why cannot people burn all the atmospheric oxygen? [closed]

We are told that photosynthesis, developed a couple of billion years ago has produced all the atmospheric oxygen. I wonder, why did the process stop? Why do modern plants prefer to recover the entropy ...
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Why does Earth have abundant oxygen in the atmosphere?

Because of photosynthesis, obviously. But then it's not actually that obvious after all, because photosynthesis is mostly balanced by respiration. We can summarise the processes of photosynthesis ...
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Is there conclusive evidence to refute an earlier oxygenation of the Earth's atmosphere?

The Great Oxygenation Event (sometimes called the Great Oxidation Event (GOE), as in the journal Nature) occurred around 2.2 to 2.45 billion years ago (Frei et al. 2009). However, in the article A ...
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