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How are mGal-smooth free-air gravity anomaly measurements made exactly? (tiny variations of acceleration on a bumpy airplane ride)

Free-air gravity anomaly measurements from Operation Icebridge aircraft are described in A fault-bounded palaeo-lake basin preserved beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet (open access). Question: These ...
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Dynamic of glacier retreat? (here: in Greenland)

During the last years I have taken many pictures of obviously retreating glaciers and empty moraines in Greenland - just like this one. Looks devastating, actually. In my understanding, the current ...
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Dataset for expected sea level rise in case of massive meltdowns (Greenland/Antarctica)

Around the time climate change became a 'public issue' (let's say shortly after An inconvenient truth came out), figures started getting published about the expected (global) sea level rise in case of ...
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How much would the Greenland landmass isostatic rebound contribute to long term climate change?

In reading the question What would the geology and climate of a supposed landmass near the pole be like, assuming a thoroughly warmer planet?, it came to mind that another factor may cause a shift in ...
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