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Why are salt domes suitable for the final disposal of nuclear waste?

I keep reading that final storage sites for nuclear waste are being built in salt domes. In the case of the German Gorleben project, the salt domes were determined to be unsuitable after prolonged ...
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Why do trees break at the same wind speed?

Several people have independently mentioned to me that all trees break at the same wind speed. This phenomenon is independent of type and size of the tree. Supposedly, Galileo already had described ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How do you stop the Australian wildfires?

The Australian fires are the biggest anyone has ever seen and is increasing at a rapid rate causing smog all around the country, approximately 1 billion animals have lost their lives, as of 9 January ...
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Energy Released From Thunderstorms

I'm a flight instructor looking for a better way to drive home the dangers related to flying in and around thunderstorms (TS). The FAA has mountains of operational guidance for airmen regarding TS ...
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How is it determined whether an air pollutant is "hazardous"?

The US EPA has a list of 187 air pollutants that they consider "hazardous". These toxic pollutants are known or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health conditions. How is it determined ...
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