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Are there climatic projections for past conditions in Northern Europe?

I'm looking for projections of past climatic conditions during the last two millennia for northern Europe. I know there are initiatives studying tree rings, but I want to know whether there are ...
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How and when people first realized that Antarctica is a continent?

Recently I got startled by this question I asked myself and I can't seem to find any sources of answers. I have hypotheses about how it could have happened: It could have been by the fact that if you ...
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Where can I find the record for the heaviest single-day rainfall ever recorded on any date at a specific location?

I need to find out the largest amount of rainfall ever recorded in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Where could I find this record?
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1950's - 60's Earth Science

I'm writing some lore for a fictional world, which is set in the 50's early 60's roughly. One thing I'd like to bring is a fairly grounded explanation for the creation of the planet and the universe, ...
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Evidence for "earthquake storm" at the end of the Bronze Age

The decline of the large population centers around the eastern Mediterranean at the end of the Bronze Age has been associated with a set of large earthquakes ("earthquake storm") occurring between ...
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Seeking details for the "historical rate" of arable land loss

In doing research on the issue of desertification (aka land degradation) I keep running across the same basic sentence but no source or detail to support or clarify it: "Arable land loss is ...
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Where does the 2015 Nepal earthquake rank amongst earthquakes since 1900?

Wikipedia provides a list of deadly earthquakes since 1900. Where would the April 2015 Nepal earthquake (magnitude currently estimated as 7.8 or 8.1) rank in this list, in terms of magnitude?
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