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If your question is part of your high school or college/university homework, please use this tag. Do not use this as the only tag on a question. It signifies that instead of a direct answer, care should be taken to explaining the steps to the solution, preferably sticking to just giving helpful, conceptual hints. This tag may be applied to questions which are not homework but are similar to a homework problem.

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Dating fluvial terraces with $^{10}\rm{Be}$

I've completed part A of the question below. Dating fluvial terraces with $^{10}\rm{Be}$ One way to determine the age of an alluvial deposit is to collect a series of samples from a range of depths, ...
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Are there any books, websites, etc. that have many practice problems for Skew-T diagrams and the atmospheric sciences in general?

I am asking because my Intro to Atmospheric Science class (lectures, labs, and the book) has not provided any practice examples of Skew-T diagrams, Coriolis force calculations, LCL (liquid ...
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Puzzle using relative dating principles

This isn't directly looking at a real life ecological example kind of thing, but it requires knowledge of relative dating, so I thought I would come here. Here is what was told: -"Worms" (curved ...
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Optical Thickness of the Atmosphere

Homework question: Show that the absorption optical thickness of the atmosphere at pressure $p$ (i.e., between $p$ and the top of the atmosphere) as a function of the mixing ratio of the ...
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Form Lines from Strike and Dip measurements

I am looking to draw form lines on this map based on the strike and dip measurements taken on site. From what I have gathered it is an anticline with a possible second fault to the right hand side. ...
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Finding out actual dip and dip direction of refractor

We have two traveltive curves for first arrivals (direct and refracted) from a dipping refractor in the forward and reverse directions along a profile line. my question is: Is there a logical way (non-...
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How to draw a strike and dip on a geologic map?

I know that Strike and dip refer to the orientation or attitude of a geologic feature. The strike line of a bed, fault, or other planar feature, is a line representing the intersection of that feature ...
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Modification of an air mass

If an air mass that exists in North America starts moving south west or south east what kind of modification will affect it and how would you characterize it in it's final state? My answer is that it ...
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Agricultural self sufficiency after yellowstone eruption?

Given a 440 acre farm running roughly 200 acres of Crops and 40-50 head of cattle,in the secondary ash zone within the lake of the ozarks reigon of Missouri, how viable would survival be relying on ...
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what are some limitations for using meteorites as evidence for the Earth's age?

I'm currently doing a question at the moment which is: Evaluate the usefulness and limitations of evidence provided by meteorites of Earth's age. I'm having trouble finding some limitations at the ...
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Pyrite oxidation

How much pyrite has to be oxidized to produce a sulfate concentration of 15 mM? If the solution initially has a pH of 8, roughly what would the pH drop to if there is no buffering of acidity?
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Categories for supervised classification, wildlife analysis

I am using GIS to undertake a small research on the loss of natural habitat in north England. I will be using Supervised Classification where I train the system on a few examples, e.g. shallow water ...
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Has there been loss of natural habitat in north England?

Has there been loss of natural habitat in north England or Britain in general over the past years? If there was, what is the loss in percentage? A reference would be highly appreciated
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Do reverse faults tilt the underlying layers of rocks to form an angular unconformity?

I came across this question while studying in my text book: What does the existence of strata containing a reverse fault and above them parallel strata refer to? I thought that referred to an angular ...
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How does one analyze this graph on atmospheric C02 data obtained from the Mauna Loa observatory?

Graph I am analyzing: What I am trying to figure out from the graph is: What is the range for CO2 over the record (approximation) What are the major forcings for the overall trend in this record ...
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