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Questions tagged [identification-request]

For help in identifying objects such as clouds. Please include as many details as possible. DO NOT ASK ROCK IDENTIFICATION REQUESTS — rock identification requests are off topic.

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(Fósil hallado en Zapala, Neuquén) Fossil found in Zapala, Neuquén, Argentina

(Alguien podría decirme qué es?) Could someone tell me what it is? Zapala is in Western Argentina, east of the Andes Mountains. enter image description here English translation via Google Translate
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What is this line of trees visible on Google Earth?

North of the Eyre Highway in the South-East part of West Australia, there is a line of trees with desert on all sides. There is no visible river. Why is this the case? -31.8985239 S, 127.135608 E
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Which trilobite species are these?

Asking for a friend. These would probably fit better on archeology exchange, but as far as I know that kind of site does not exist yet. First specimen, friend suspects it's some kind of Proetus. ...
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How these rock features form?

I was walking on a reef in northern Italy near Genoa. (44.3230136N, 9.1462828E) The rock was composed of rocks of varying sizes, colors and shapes held together by some kind of a seemignly softer ...
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Looking for Rock/Mineral Identification Flowchart

As a christmas present, I bought a box of minerals/rocks for my girlfriend, who recently got interested in geology. Unfortunately, she could not attend the identification class in university. The box ...
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What is this fossil? What is this crystal?

My daughter found this fossil while walking through the Swabian Jura, in Southern Germany. She asked me about it, but I have absolutely 0 clue about geology. The crystal part is 3cm in diameter, but ...
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What is this geological formation in the Santa Cruz mountains that looks like a cave interior?

Stevens Canyon Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains (near Cupertino, California) passes right next to a large rock formation that, to my untrained eye, reminds me of the inside of a limestone cave. Here's ...
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Fossil ID: possible fauna fossil, from Perlis, Malaysia

I found this fossil while doing my fieldwork in limestone area. Description below may help to identify it. Location: NW Perlis, Malaysia (Setul Formation). Hilly Area. My Observation: Have a curly ...
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What is this fossil found in flint in Kent?

My 7 year old son found this fossil whilst cracking open flint in Deal, Kent. The fossil (assuming it is) looks like scales/cells/shell and is chalky. The oblong lines are raised and well defined and ...
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What causes this arc in the night sky where the background is brighter on one side than the other?

This comment to Did nobody in the Astronomy community think 12,000 new satellites in LEO might be a problem? links to's New ESO study evaluates impact of satellite constellations on ...
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Geomorphological feature identification

I was studying a satellite map of Iceland and came across an interesting, but unnamed feature located between Vatnajökull glacier and Trölladyngja volcano (between 64°50'35"N, 17°11'21"W and 64°48'33"...
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What is this weird looking structure in Ethiopian desert?

I was surfing through Google Maps around Ethiopian desert region (close to the town of Werder/Wardheer) and I found this weird looking structure. It seems like a dried up lake bed, but I can't guess ...
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What type of clouds are these?

I would appreciate some help in identifying these clouds: This was taken on a commercial plane flying between Hong Kong and Japan on the 31st of March around 2pm. I tried looking up cloud types but ...
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