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Questions tagged [igneous]

concerning rocks and processes relating to the cooling and solidification of magma, typically involving temperatures above approximately 800 degrees Celsius for at least some of the rock's history

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Basalt vs. columnar basalt

I recently visited a cliff on the south coast of Ulva in the Inner Hebrides where there are ~10m thick flows of columnar basalt. The columnar basalt forming most of the cliff is sandwiched between ...
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Hexagonal phenocrysts with a metallic luster?

I recently realized that I am surrounded by interesting rocks. Having no background in geology nor geologist friends, I rely on online resources to navigate the intriguing stuff I stumble across. But ...
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What is solidus and liquidus temperature of granite?

My understanding is that because a rock is composed of variety of minerals, so it does not have fix melting point, rather there is a range below which whole rock is solid and above which whole rock is ...
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