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Distribution of terrestrial impact craters

Recently I was looking at a map of known impact structures and I noticed that they are concentrated between the tropical and arctic latitudes, but there is very little near the equator. I can think ...
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Did the Vredefort Crater fill in soon after impact?

The Vredefort Crater is said to have been 40km deep and 100km wide. But what I'm curious about, is how long it retained that shape. Would magma have immediately leaked into it and filled it, for ...
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Time of day of Chicxulub impact

Is there any known evidence about what the local time of day of the Chicxulub impact was (at the very least, whether the impactor struck during day or night)? If there is not any such known evidence, ...
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Is there a way to calculate crater depth?

For the sake of the example, let's assume a crater on Earth roughly twelve miles in diameter. Is there a way to calculate a range between how deep or shallow this crater would be?
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How deep could the Vredefort asteroid have penetrated? [duplicate]

The asteroid which created the Vredefort impact crater in South Africa is estimated to have been between 10 and 16 km in diameter (the uncertainty is due to the age of the crater, which is more than 2 ...
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Original Diameter of Ancient Impact Craters [closed]

The 2.25 billion-year-old Yarrabubba crater in Western Australia has recently been identified as the world's oldest impact crater. It is said to be 43 miles (69 km) in diameter, yet the photo which ...
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How to distinguish an explosion crater from an impact crater?

(How) Is it possible to tell the difference between a man made explosive crater and an impact crater?
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