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Where can I find soil Free Swell Index values for the Cambridgeshire region, United Kingdom?

Where can I find Free Swell Index data for Clays for the Cambridgeshire region, United Kingdom? Surely this must have been performed at some point even though there are more sophisticated tests. I've ...
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Using accelerometer as a seismograph

I'm using ADXL345 accelerometer with Raspberry Pi to build a seismograph. I've successfully hooked it up and can plot the accelerometer data in three axis. Is there any way to express these data in ...
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How do you calculate the depth of penetration in a Schlumberger array?

In a resistivity survey, how do we calculate the depth of penetration for a Schlumberger array?
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Argument for designing an ocean monitoring network based on satellite-derived chlorophyll-a concentration?

The idea is to design an integrated marine monitoring network by surveying in parallel the chlorophyll-a and the other oceanography parameters, which are either trophically related with the ...
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How much cheaper is it to mount oceanographic sensors on elephant seals and other animals, compared using Argo floats and other abiotic sensors?

This article says that mounting sensors on animals is relatively cheap compared with the alternatives. Seals, in other words, were filling in the blind spots on oceanographer’s maps. And they were ...
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