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What gravitational evidence do we have to counter the idea that oceans are formed when continents sink?

Is there some evidence for this based on gravity anomalies? I think I know how to tell if a mountain or structure is compensated based on bougeur and free air anomalies, but this really has me ...
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Which depiction of the world map, with focus on dry land vs ocean do you think is more accurate? Scotese's or deeptimemaps?

Special attention paid particularly to the Arctic where the Hudson and Berent's sea are ocean in the above they are ocean, below they are land. In other places, Scotese's seems more accurate to me but ...
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Paleo-sea level of the Ionian basin

Q1 - I'm looking for research on paleo-sea level on the Ionian basin. I'm looking for sources that take into account tectonics. Time period: Holocene - 30ka (and if possible, as far as 100ka). I've ...
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Why is there a low gravity anomaly right next to a high gravity anomaly next to mascons on the Moon?

This is from the book "Isosatsy and Flexure of the Atmosphere" by A. B. Watts. According to him, evidence for the isostatic compensation of mascons (i.e. regions of higher density material ...
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Equations for Mantle Flow and Isostatic Rebound

In my Geomorphology book there is a section on uplift caused by isostatic rebound and it goes over how the viscoplastic nature of the mantle and the mechanically detached asthenosphere allow a long ...
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Why does the lithosphere thickness vary within a short distance?

Can someone explain why the lithosphere thickness varies within a short distance (30-100km) at the same upper mantle viscosity around the polar region? And what is the behaviour of a thin (20-70km) ...
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