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Why not place tsunami-height-prediction gauges in a straight line instead of zigzags?

I am watching NHK World-Japan's documentary The Mystery Of The 40 Meter Tsunami, which analyzes the 40.5-meter tsunami at Miyako, Iwate that occurred during the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. ...
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gridded air pollution data for Japan

Do you know of any database where I can get past air pollution (sulfur oxides (SOx) - nitrogen oxides (NOx) - photochemical oxidants (Ox) - particulate matter (PM) - suspended particulate matter (SPM) ...
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How does the west coast of Japan have cliffs?

In Ireland, sea cliffs tend to be on the west coast, because it's exposed to waves coming across the full width of the Atlantic, and therefore gets a lot of erosion, whereas the east coast is only ...
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Why does Japan get so much snow?

Japan seems to get a surprising amount of snow in winter, compared to other places that are as cold or colder. The snow seems to be concentrated on the west side of the country, which suggests the ...
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