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Map of earth subsurface temperature

I see similar flavours of this question have been asked a few times, but I still don't see a satisfying answer. I am looking for data (maps) of the earth subsurface temperature at a depth sufficient ...
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Pertinence for a formulae similar of the RMSE to measure the meteorologic forcing impact on the variability on a model output

I want to validate a model and compare several parameterizations. I have some observations so I calculated the RMSE for each parameterization with the best meteorological forcing. However I want to ...
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How to calculate the specific humidity based on the saturated specific humidity?

I am using ERA5 data to drive the land surface model. One of the forcing required by LSM is specific humidity. We want to use the 2-m specific humidity. So how can I calculate the specific humidity ...
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Can we define "drainage density" for a soil column (point-scale)?

From what I read all over the web and articles, drainage density is a parameter that is defined for a catchment. I want to use a hydrological model to simulate the percolation from the bottom of a ...
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WRF: minimal list of variables required by coupling a land surface model to the whole system

We are trying to couple our land surface model into WRF. As a first step, we'd like to know what is the minimal list of variables required by such coupling?
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How to run earth system, land surface and climate models?

I am interested in earth system models, land surface models and climate prediction models. I found a lot of online information on different models, including CIMP5, and the Earth System Modeling ...
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High resolution global land use projections

I am looking for global land use projections for a large scale hydrological analysis. The most widely used datasets are the LUH (v1) Products used for CMIP5 based on Hurtt et al 2011. These products ...
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Half of Earth with most landmass

About 71% of the Earth's surface is covered with water and the remaining 29% is landmass*. If you could theoretically cut the planet in half, with the objective of producing a half with the most ...
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How do I estimate the mass of a deciduous tree's leaves?

Regarding the amount of biomass in a tree, what would be the approximate total mass of leaves on a large deciduous tree (e.g. maple, oak) while green in spring? Or, how many leaves could be on such a ...
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Why is aerodynamic resistance defined inversely?

When I think of wind resistance, I always think of the friction co-efficient, in $\mathrm{ms^{-1}}$, because that's always the way that it was presented in highschool and undergraduate physics. But ...
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Are there any general-purpose climate-model coupling projects?

In climate modelling, there are three major model types that form the basis of a fully coupled Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Model (AOGCM): Atmosphere circulation models Ocean circulation ...
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