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Questions tagged [limestone]

Naturally forming sedimentary calcium carbonate. Often contains fossils, indicative of a past marine environment.

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Why limestone formation was not a concern in atmosphere oxidation event? [closed]

I have just got to know why Fe was a problem. After clay (alumnum) and Silicon got oxidized, there has left a lot of unoxidized Fe in the crust, whose oxidization has finished during GOE. But, ferrum ...
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Why are alpine river water green - blue?

I recently visited Slovenia where I saw several rivers with a strong blue-green color. Here is an example from one of the tributaries of the Soča river near Kobarid. The locals refer to it as an "...
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Formation of limestone without living organisms?

Limestones are formed mostly from skeletal fragments of marine organisms. However, calcium carbonate dissolves naturally in water, so the living organisms are not the only source of it in water. Is ...
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Are there sufficient quantities of limestone to dump in the ocean to reverse acidification?

This question asked: What is the evidence it is feasible to reverse ocean acidification by adding large quantities of a base (bicarb soda)? The result was: Danny Harvey of the University of ...
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