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Questions tagged [limestone]

Naturally forming sedimentary calcium carbonate. Often contains fossils, indicative of a past marine environment.

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For how long have the great karst springs of the Aachtal been active?

Aachtal, along with Lonetal, is a valley in the Swabian Jura, Germany, and the site of many famous archaeological sites of the upper Pleistocene. It also hosts a series of very large karst springs (...
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Could travertine buildup seal up cracks in limestone?

So after a recent freeze in Texas the following overhang collapsed. Presumably water in existent cracks froze and made the cracks even bigger as the water expanded. Combined that with an increase in ...
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How old is Niue?

I've found it surprisingly hard to find an answer to this question. Niue is an uplifted coral reef jutting above the ocean. The rock is all limestone, and there is evidence for it being around for ...
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Which wavelengths is limestone most transparent to?

I think of the non-ionizing range, e.g. Terahertz or Radio. Limestone clearly is transparent to x-ray or gamma but thats not what i am asking for. Natural to low ranges of porosity/water content ...
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