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Liquid-gas phase transitions

I am looking for books or reviews on liquid-gas phase transition, going beyond the basics covered in statistical mechanics texts (Ehrenfest classification, mainly van-der-Waals equation). Most books ...
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Literature on thematic 4D maps

I need to understand more about thematic 4D mapping. I would roughly classify it as a method of cartography. In particular I want to do research on what software is being used to create thematic 4D ...
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Does anyone know of any studies comparing juvenile and adult abundance data for an ontogenetic reef fish? [closed]

I'm trying to look into relationships between juvenile Hogfish which recruit in sea grass habitats to adult abundance data that move to deeper offshore reef and hard bottom habitat. I have data from ...
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Soft Question: How Best to Thoroughly Exhaust the Literature

I am trying to make sure I have done my due diligence in researching the literature when it comes to a particular topic in oceanography and/or atmospheric science. My specialization is in a different ...
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Author's Name Of A Book On Bill Maher's Shelf [closed]

Could any of you, please, tell me who is the author of this book on Bill Maher's shelf? The book name is "Climate Science" and the cover color seems to be green. I looked for it on the Amazon website ...
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In the 800 kyr $\ce{CO_2}$ record, how detectable would a short-term peak be?

It is stated in that the temporal uncertainty for the glacier $\small\mathsf{CO_2}$ records is less than $\small\mathsf{5~\%}$ at any given ...
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Where can I find papers on the geology of the Wastach Range in Utah

I am looking for papers on the stratigraphy, geochronology and/or compositional make up of the Wastach Range and its formations. I prefer a broad overview paper and I can't seem to find one. Any help ...
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Estimating fracture pressure (looking for literature to support)

I am trying to estimate fracture pressure of a reservoir when applying injection. I keep reading fracture pressure=reservoir pressure+2000psi or fracture pressure gradient is 0.7psi/ft, but I can't ...
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What are the most notable papers in tropical cyclone research?

A quick Google scholar search indicates that 243,000 papers have the words "Tropical Cyclone." While scientific literature is considered valuable (predatory publishing and pseudo-scientific journals ...
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