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Do farmers gain any particular benefits from crop monitoring?

Recently, crop monitoring through satellite or other remote sensing devices has become a hot topic. However, I was wondering if, say, satellite data combined with ML software mapping out crops being ...
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What meteorological data is needed for air quality machine learning models?

Are there any studies that discuss what meteorological data I should look at if I am creating an air quality model with machine learning? That is, what should I extract from NCEI or ERA5 first if I ...
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Why estimate evapotranspiration using machine learning techniques while we can calculate it with Penmann Monteith equation?

I find many researchers use Machine Learning Techniques and Algorithms to calculate the EvapoTranspiration, while there’s also the Penmann Monteith equation that gives us the result. Does this say we ...
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What is the relationship between raw seismic data, CMP Stacking, NMO & Machine Learning

I recently joined a geophysics project to assist with some of their machine learning modeling but am trying to gather the domain knowledge required to participate. Something I don't quite understand ...
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What's the prospect of air quality forecasting based on machine learning?

Air quality forecasting models which are useful for atmospheric scientist and government can be built based on numerical theory or statistic theory. The first approach outline the basic physics ...
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