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Why on Earth are there observatories on the active Mauna Loa?

Near the summit of Mauna Loa there are two observatories. Mauna Loa is an active volcano that is being watched, so why did they build observatories up there instead of building them on the dormant and ...
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Is there any research on the relation of asteroid impacts and hot-spots?

In a new video by Atlas Pro on Hawaii linked below, he indicates a curious observation: Most hotspots antipode’s have sign’s of heavy impacts from asteroids. He postulated that the force of these ...
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How Can Adjacent Parts of an Oceanic Plate be Subducted in Different Directions?

It is claimed by some that the reason for gaps in chains of volcanoes generated by plate subduction is that some parts of the plate dive deep into the mantle and generate magma plumes, while other ...
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Could Rumblings From Plutons be as Ominous as Rumblings From Volcanoes?

Mount Kinabalu in North Borneo is a 10 million year old pluton. A pluton is a magma plume from the mantle which was not able to reach the surface and erupt as a volcano, but solidified underground and ...
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