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Databases of all Astronomical Geomagnetic storms data

I am doing a project in which I need data from all the globe of geomagnetic storms, I need to ask that from where I can find a list of all sites where I can find the data of geomagnetic storms easily ...
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Derivation of Geomagnetic field lines (after interaction with solar wind)

I understand that without the solar wind, the Geomagnetic field would essentially be that of a dipole. With the presence of the solar wind, this field is distorted, as can be seen in many images that ...
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Mars' strange magnetic pulses at midnight; besides the solar wind what are other possible causes?

24-Feb-2020 NASA News item A Year of Surprising Science From NASA's InSight Mars Mission says: A new understanding of Mars is beginning to emerge, thanks to the first year of NASA's InSight lander ...
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Does a geomagnetic storm visibly deflect a compass?

Reading Solar Storms Could Confuse Whales and Cause Mass Strandings and the linked open access paper in Current Biology Gray whales strand more often on days with increased levels of atmospheric radio-...
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If the earth's core is made up of copper/other metals other than iron-nickel alloy, how our magnetosphere will be?

We know that our earth's core is made up of iron-nickel alloy and it is spinning to create magnetic flux all around our planet to create our life-saving Magnetosphere. And this also influences our 9.8 ...
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Where are the magnetopheres weak points on Earth?

The picture below shows how a magnetosphere has defined points on the solid magnet and on the moon where cosmic radiation has a window, gap, or focal point. I'm not sure what to call these areas? ...
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Can living where magnets are abundant provide a mini-magnetoshere?

Are there a mini-magnetosphere within the magnetosphere similar to mini-magnetosphere found on the Moon? Is there a map of these areas that would resemble the white swirls in the picture below? The ...
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Does the magnetic field really protect Earth from anything?

Many topics discussed here in Earth Science SE, tend to be about facts that are of consensus in the scientific community but not widely accepted by the general public. Instead, this one is widely ...
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Does Magnetic Deviation depend on altitude?

Magnetic declination, sometimes called magnetic variation, is the angle between magnetic north and true north. Declination is positive east of true north and negative when west. Magnetic ...
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How much water is the atmosphere losing to space?

Up until recently, I was under a (wrong) impression that the amount of planetary cumulative water resources was finite as I believed its escape from the atmosphere was impossible. I believed that, ...
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What is the meaning of integral of negative magnetic field (nT) over time?

I have a plot of the magnetic field (y-axis) over time (x-axis), one measure each hour (Dst - Disturbance Storm-Time). From time to time, there is a negative peak, which indicates a magnetic storm. ...
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What? Northern lights are *not* simply caused by energetic charged particles from the sun?

Reading the article Northern Lights: The traditional explanation for the aurora borealis is wrong, physicist says I was surprised to find out that the simple, standard explanation for the production ...
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What causes aurorae?

I know that aurorae are caused by solar activity interacting with the Earth's magnetic field as charged particles are funneled down into the polar magnetic mirrors. On one hand, I know that as ...
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Laboratory simulation of the Earth's magnetic field

I remember reading an article where a scientist was able to make a spinning iron tube with liquid nickel inside and it created a magnetic field, providing a laboratory-scale simulation of the ...
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(How long) would Earth's atmosphere last without a global magnetic field?

The Earth's magnetic field provides an important protection against the solar wind (for example, see Wikipedia on Earth's magnetic field and references therein). Mars may have lost its atmosphere ...
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