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Concerning the dynamics and chemistry of convectively upwelling plumes in the mantle, including questions relating evidence base, definition and controversies.

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Is the Pacific Plate composed of smaller plates?

The question, Why are all lower mantle plumes under oceans? has the following diagram which was taken from Wikipedia Commons. About half of the large red dots occur on or near the boundaries of ...
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Why are all lower mantle plumes under oceans?

Having a look at the attached image (original at Wikipedia Hot Spot page) I noticed that all mantle plumes originating from lower mantle (in red) are under oceans. Why?
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Is the Theia impact partly responsible for the distribution of mantle plumes?

I was looking at a map of the distribution of mantle plumes, and was wondering if they could be residual material that was either brought here or affected by the Theia impact. It seems to me that this ...
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What initiates the plumes which create oceanic hot spots? [duplicate]

What causes the large and very long lasting magma plumes which rise up from the mantle and create a hot spot such as the ones which built the island chains of Hawaii and Galapagos? The volcanic ...
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How can linear oceanic ridges (like the East Pacific Rise) be explained by single point mantle plumes?

I'm a bit confused about how divergent boundaries between tectonic plates work, or just why plates move. I've read that these ridges that are in the place of divergent boundaries are created when ...
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Effect of reducing conditions on melting point

I've been reading a paper(*) looking at the deep carbon cycle and it mentions a key process that the authors refer to as "redox melting". According to the paper, reducing conditions increase the ...
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Is the Mauna Loa CO$_\mathsf{2}$ record affected by the nearby mantle plume?

How is it possible that Mauna Loa Observatory is the International Reference Observatory for CO2 Global Measurements if it is placed above the most important earth thermal plume that is heating the ...
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What is the structure of the hot spot under Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands are formed by volcanic activity over a hotspot in the Earth's mantle. What is the shape of this hotspot in the mantle? Is it like a pyramid or a pillar or an upside-down pyramid?
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Can non-antipodal Chicxulub impact seismic wave be connected to Rio Grande Rift and Laramide Orogeny?

I have conducted a brief survey of Internet sources and cannot locate any definite discussion of a possible connection between the Chicxulub impact and the inception or acceleration of the Rio Grande ...
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Is Iceland an example of a hot-spot overlying a mantle plume?

Iceland has been cited as the location of a hot-spot overlying a mantle plume (similar to that of the Hawaii chain in the Pacific), though for some time this model has been challenged (see Gillian ...
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Are mantle plumes distributed around the core randomly or in a known pattern?

Background: The theory of mantle plumes is useful (although controversial) in explaining the occurrence of intra-plate volcanoes. The website here suggests that "hotspots" exist in fixed locations ...
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How do mantle plumes travel from the core of Earth to the crust?

As mantle plumes begin in the core and move towards the crust, I would have thought that the heat in the mantle plume would disperse to the surrounding mantle, and the plume would cease to exist by ...
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What are some of the strongest theories against the existence of mantle plumes?

Among the people I interact with in the geodynamics community, it seems that almost all of us are in full support of the mantle plume theory. What are the strongest arguments against this theory? Is ...
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