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By how much did the Earth's diameter decrease due to cooling, if at all, since it was formed?

The answer to How long until Earth's core solidifies? question cites an estimation that the Earth (as a planet, not the surface of it) has cooled down by about 250K since it was formed. The question ...
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What is the minimum temperature difference to drive mantle convection?

The condition for convection to cease is that the Rayleigh number $$\mathrm{Ra}=\frac{g\rho\alpha L^3\Delta T}{\kappa\nu}\lessapprox 10^3.$$ For the Earth's mantle I have seen estimates of $\mathrm{Ra}...
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What is the structure of the hot spot under Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands are formed by volcanic activity over a hotspot in the Earth's mantle. What is the shape of this hotspot in the mantle? Is it like a pyramid or a pillar or an upside-down pyramid?
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Equations for Mantle Flow and Isostatic Rebound

In my Geomorphology book there is a section on uplift caused by isostatic rebound and it goes over how the viscoplastic nature of the mantle and the mechanically detached asthenosphere allow a long ...
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Mass balance for calculating mantle composition

I've seen some problem sets given without answers / solutions regarding how to calculate the composition of the mantle given solar composition (and assuming the same would apply to the Earth). For ...
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