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Why is the sea salinity high in the Mediterannean and Red Sea and low in Indonesia and Malaysia?

It goes without question that salinity levels will be lower where rivers enter as the river water mixing with the sea water will reduce the salinity levels. But, the thing is, when you look at the map ...
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Where to find reliable water temperature?

I need data regarding water temperature of Mediterranean Sea according to changes in depth. I couldn't find these data in the Copernicus Marine website, so I'd like to know if you know of any database ...
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Tidal current energy chart - Messina Strait

I am a student in industrial engineering, and I am doing a business plan related to exploiting Messina Strait current for electrical energy. Does anyone have a tidal stream chart (either with velocity ...
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Where and how big was Sicily between 5 and 1 Ma ago?

Sicily is a geologically complex island which seems to have been extensively studied geologically and from a tectonically point of view. There are an overwhelming number of papers dealing with the ...
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Are there any known global effects of the Mediterranean sea evaporation and refilling?

This is a broad subject I realize, but I'm looking for specific geologically observed answers of global effects elsewhere, between about 5.96 and 5.33 million years ago when the Mediterranean sea was ...
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Is mediterranean climate a type of monsoon climate

Given that monsoon climate has the primary feature of seasonal reversal of wind systems and the same happens in case of Mediterranean climate too, does that mean Mediterranean climate is a special ...
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What wind forecast datasets are available for forcing a wave forecast model?

I am trying to set up a spectral wave model for waves forecasting in the Mediterranean. I need the meteorological forecast for this region. I am aware of the ECMWF datasets. But unfortunately, only ...
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Possible Effects of a Nuclear Reactor Breach in the Mediterranean

Double-barreled question which may not precisely belong here! Input nonetheless greatly appreciated. My question: To what extent would a nuclear reactor breach in the Mediterranean sea affect the ...
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2 answers

Can an Atlantic hurricane enter Mediterranean sea?

I can't find any examples, has it just never happened before or is it impossible because of environmental factors?
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About meddies: what are they? How do they form? How are they maintained?

A "meddy" is usually described as a Mediterranean Water eddy. While many meddies have been observed in recent years, I would want to know what are the common characteristics of such features (...
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Current consensus on the Messinian Salinity Crisis

In 1973, Hsü et al. explained the findings of a large evaporite deposit during the Messinian (Latest Miocene stage, ca. 6Ma) in the Mediterranean by a basin-wide desiccation event. It has been ...
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