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What condition(s) need to be met to be able to determine the hypocenter of a microseism?

Today, this XKCD popped up in a chatroom: comic CC BY-NC 2.5 linked to the source User Rob mentioned that (as usual with XKCD) this is based on the findings in a research paper. In Source location of ...
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What could be causing microseisms on Mars?

The anouncement published in Science Mini tremors detected on Mars for first time says that the Mars lander InSight is detecting microseisms on Mars after various vibrations produced by the lander and ...
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Spectral Whitening, Seismic Interferometry

What is the role of spectral whitening in the processing step done before cross-correlations in seismic interferometry?
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How accurately can explosions be triangulated from the IRIS seismogram data?

There's a bunch of armed conflicts going on right now. What are the lower boundaries on accuracy of triangulating and timing man-made events from the IRIS datasets (accessible, for instance, with the ...
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What generates the microseism?

Looking at seismic noise around the Earth there is commonly a peak in the seismic noise around a frequency of 200 mHz. This peak is typically referred to as the microseism (an example is shown below)....
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