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Questions tagged [modis]

MODIS is a multispectral satellite sensor on board of NASA Terra and Aqua satellites. MODIS data products are widely used in Earth Science.

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0 answers

What is the difference between MOD16A2 and MOD16A2GF products?

I want to use the evapotranspiration product, which one will be the suitable to show net evapotranspiration on large and arid area? Thanks
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1 answer

Insert points into a 2d grid [closed]

I have a list of single point values that I want to insert into a grid. point_values = [1, 4, 5, ...] point_lats = [-12.101, -12.1023, -12.1031, ...] point_lons = [155.511, 155.520, 155.533, ...] ...
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3 votes
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What is the better way to deal the missing and negative cells of satellite snow cover data

Daily and monthly MODIS snow cover L3 data has downloaded, next to deal with missing and negative cells. Different types of interpolation are being used to fill the missing cells. I want to fill the ...
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Unable to read modis sst netcdf file in matlab [duplicate]

I'm using Matlab to read MODIS Aqua sea surface temperature data. Unfortunately I am not able to do it. It will be great if any of you can help me with that. ...
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5 votes
2 answers

MODIS Surface Reflectance Data State QA Aerosol Quantity field meaning is unclear

I am trying to compare NDVI values computed from MODIS Surface Reflectance(MOD09) with the NDVI product (MOD13). MODIS Surface reflectance Collection 5 products include a Data State QA field that I ...
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