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Questions tagged [moon]

For questions that relate to Earth's natural satellite.

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1 answer

How often do king tides (perigean spring tides) occur?

Recently, there has been a lot of information about "King Tides" (i.e, perigean spring tides) on the news with a number of groups relating the peak king tide to future normal conditions (2050) under ...
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What can we learn by studying lunar atmospheric tides?

Lunar atmospheric tides are likely insignificant for weather, although Guoqing (2005) asserts that The lunar revolution around the earth strongly influences the atmospheric circulation. They don't ...
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Can living where (rare) earth magnetic ore is abundant provide any protection from cosmic radiation?

Can living in a region that is rich in (rare) earth metal that has an inherently strong magnetic field provide any protection from cosmic radiation? Where are the strongest magnetic field other than ...
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What is the characteristic time of the loss of the Earth atmosphere, how can it be calculated?

Somewhere I've read it is in the order of some tens of billions of years, but unfortunately I can't find any reference with it in Google. I suspect, the losses are coming mainly from analyzing the ...
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Why were both the sun and the moon red today?

Today was a normal day, except the sun and moon colors were strange. After 5pm, the sky was covered with cirrostratus-like translucent clouds and the sky was a blend of blue and grey. Everything ...
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Does the Moon affect earthquakes?

Does the Moon, through factors like its location (if it is at an apsis i.e closest point or furthest point in its orbit) or some changes in density, affect earthquakes on the Earth? Earthquakes are a ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How come the tide is low when the moon is high in the sky

Happily spending my holidays in the Fiji Islands, I noticed a couple of days ago that when the moon was very high in the sky (my shadow was maybe 0.5-1m long) the tide was low. That really puzzled me....
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How much energy does the Moon transfer to the Earth, does this affect the Earth's surface temperature?

I'm wondering by how much the gravitation effects, tides etc caused by the moon (and other energy such as moonlight IR) increase the surface temperature of the Earth. So how much warmer than the ...
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How much do tides affect earth's rotational velocity?

Many of us are familiar with an exaggerated picture of the Moon's effect on Earth's tides: Since the Earth is not uniformly covered with water, however, I imagine that the tidal effect will depend on ...
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