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Questions tagged [moon]

For questions that relate to Earth's natural satellite.

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Why is the night very bright in the Himalayas?

Some years ago I had the chance to climb the Himalayas. Not the Everest of course, but the Annapurna Base Camp which is about 4km above sea level. During the night of the stay I went out to do some ...
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What would be characteristic time of the escape of an 1atm air (or oxygene atmosphere) from the Moon?

(related question) I am thinking on the Moon if it would have an oxygen atmosphere. What would be the characteristic time of its escape? Although the Moon has a much lower escape velocity as the ...
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Calculate original volatile content of a degassed mineral

A lunar apatite sample has a relatively low OH content of 5 ppm, but a an elevated D𝛿 of 11,000‰ (vs. SMOW). Assuming that water had an original figure of around -100‰ or so, how do I estimate the ...
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What would the approx. min and max temperatures be for Snowball Earth with no atmosphere?

I saw a similar previous question on this website about the temperature of the Earth with no atmosphere. It sounds like if the Earth did lose its atmosphere we’d end up with either Snowball Earth or ...
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Reason behind diurnal tides

I know that an area has a diurnal tidal cycle if it experiences one high and one low tide every lunar day. Many areas in the Gulf of Mexico experience these types of tides. I read that: Diurnal tides ...
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What are "young thrust faults" and how does one identify them on the Moon?

The abstract of the new Nature Geoscience paper Shallow seismic activity and young thrust faults on the Moon reads: The discovery of young thrust faults on the Moon is evidence of recent tectonic ...
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Im trying to find a formula to calculate Earths radius/ diameter by horizontal cross section to see what effect that has on size of the moon appears

Todays Biue Moon (that wont happen again til 2036) is the biggest brightest and closest the moon is to Earth Im trying to determine how it appears at ones given latitude.Obviously the closest one is ...
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