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Input of the relation, source and receptor files into SLB Omega

Is anyone using SLB Omega that knows how to input the source, relation and receptor files that are not using SPS format?
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Is or was there oil on Sakhalin?

There are certainly oilfields under the sea floor off the coast of Sakhalin, that are being actively exploited. This map shows their locations:
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Why is there oil on the flanks of a salt dome?

I did asked this question the other day: Why are salt domes suitable for the final disposal of nuclear waste? @Weiss posted the following illustration as a part of the answer: Source: https://...
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When is the carbon stored in fossil fuels released back to the atmosphere under natural conditions?

On which time scale is the carbon stored in petroleum and black coal released back to the atmosphere under natural conditions? Exploiting fossil fuels and burning them releases the carbon today, but ...
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Can Hydrocarbons be beneficial? [duplicate]

Do these “fossil fuels” underground help maintain homeostasis in microbial ecosystem or aid in the growth of flora etc? Or are these substances: coal, animal remains and natural gas detrimental even ...
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Hydrocarbon resources extension. How?

Pardon my naive question. But I heard this argument quite sometimes. One can find at the Schlumberger careers page the particularly interesting FAQ: “We are often told that oil is running out. Why ...
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What does it mean that "gas-producing countries such as Russia have likewise been dependent on a fixed set of pipeline export routes"? [closed]

Am new to this. I was reading New Geopolitics of natural gas by Agnia and came across this paragraph : because gas historically had been supplied primarily by land-based pipeline monopolies ...
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What would happend in distant future if we didn't extract fossil fuels

I'm sorry if that is stupid question. Geology is not my thing, but I'm curios about this. Let's assume that mankind has never extracted fossil fuels (or existed in the first place) and for millions ...
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Where oil is used for [closed]

I am trying to study climate change and lately, I am realizing that oil companies were/are drilling for oils at Alaska, Arctic, Antarctica. Where oil (which oil company drills) is used maximum for? I ...
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History of the Arctic Ocean

Much of the Arctic Ocean is fairly shallow compared to other oceans. There must have been times in the past during severe ice ages that a lot of what is now the ocean bed was above sea level. When was ...
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