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Questions tagged [oxygen]

Questions regarding the 8th chemical element, a main component of the athmosphere and of the crust.

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Carbon emission from estuaries

I've heard that estuaries like Chesapeake Bay produce a lot of methane during anoxic conditions. Is there a chance of these estuaries emitting significant amounts of CH4 in the future (because of the ...
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Oxygen-18 in saline water and freshwater

Which has higher $\delta {}^{18} \text{O}$, saline water or freshwater? I searched for this question and found many researches about the relationship between $\delta {}^{18} \text{O}$ and salinity. ...
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How does the partial pressure of oxygen relate to its concentration in water?

I've read that the partial pressure of oxygen in water will be the same as the partial pressure of oxygen in the atmosphere, but that the saturation of oxygen in water is dependent on factors like ...
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What is the atmospheric percentage of oxygen produced by trees and phytoplankton every year?

I know that every year carbon sinks remove ~20Gt of CO2 (about half of our emissions), and release a comparable amount of O2 , But I want to know how much O2 the carbon sinks produce annually ...
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Assuming no nearby animal/plant life or other 'artifical' influences, would a trapped pocket of air under 50-60 meters of seawater be breathable?

My guess as to the answer to my own question: Over a long period of time, no matter what the original composition of the air pocket was, it will exchange gases with the seawater just below it, which ...
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Does oxygen propagate towards stronger magnetic fields on Earth?

I noticed Earth has variations in gravity similar to focal points for magnetic fields, both macro and micro in size, caused by magnetic material deposits. With oxygen being attracted to magnets, I ...
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Oxygen concentrations in the air and absorption rates at sea, even under windy conditions

If I measure the amount of oxygen in the air at sea, is it the same as if I measure it on land? What if there is wind? Does oxygen concentration, change, in the middle of wind? What about the ability ...
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How long to breathe (the equivalent) of all of the atmosphere?

I have done some rough calculations of how long it might take humanity: approx 80,000 years (that's taking Earth's population as 7.5 billion, 11,000 litres a day of breathing per person, the weight of ...
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Isotope fractionations

The isotopic fractionations in the precipitate are equilibrium fractionations and the evolution of a system can be described using Rayleigh destillation! The fractionation type during evaporation is ...
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