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Petrology is the study of rocks and the processes that lead to their formation and alteration.

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What is the global distribution of oil filled geodes?

In a general 40 mile radius of Keokuk, Iowa many sedimentary geodes can be found. They are abundant in the Warsaw Formation with the type section at Geode Glenn in Warsaw, Illinois. In one specific ...
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How can I find a large petrology dataset?

I need a large dataset of the oxide components of peridotitic rocks and their manual classification for a project of mine. The only one that I managed to find was from the EarthChem database and it is ...
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What causes a change in composition from basanite to nephelinite?

Can the change in composition from basanite to nephelinite (i.e. increasing alkalis with decreasing SiO2) be explained in terms of fractional crystallisation, or only by a decreasing degree of partial ...
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Lithologic and hydrostratigraphic logs for the Deccan volcanic province, India

I need data on depth/thickness of of different lithologic units under Deccan Volcanic Province in MP, Maharashtra and Gujarat. For this if anyone can help in providing help in obtaining well log data ...
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Why are grain coatings an important mechanism for preserving porosity during burial in sandstone but not in carbonate?

I am writing a paper on the role of petroleum emplacement and grain coatings in preserving porosity during burial. I can find many sources discussing grain coatings stopping cementation in sandstone, ...
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What is the electrical conductivity of a liquid Komatiite?

I am searching for previous work that has determined the electrical conductivity range for komatiites at the surface. Does anyone have some values or references?
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Does fold tightness correlate to deformation intensity?

I'm studying a migmatite with two overprinting fold structures. The first (Dn+1) is tight and the second (Dn+2) is gentle. Would it be fair to assume that, since Dn+1's tightness is, well, tighter, ...
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Estimation of rare earth elements in the SUAC complex

I am currently competing in a case study competition a part of which has asked us to estimate the amount of Nd, Pr, and Dy in the SUAC complex (Sung Valley Ultramafic-Alkaline-Carbonatite) in electric ...
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What are Shoshonites? What conditions make them occur instead of andesites?

What is the significance of shoshonites? Why in some convergent margins, do shoshonites occur instead of andesites?
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What is solidus and liquidus temperature of granite?

My understanding is that because a rock is composed of variety of minerals, so it does not have fix melting point, rather there is a range below which whole rock is solid and above which whole rock is ...
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South American Rocks

I'm thinking of visiting South America at some stage, to look at some interesting geology in the Atacama, Patagonian Andes, etc. Does anyone know where the best geological museum is in South America? ...
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