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Can the planetary alignment actually affect earthquakes? [duplicate]

We've been hearing a lot these past few days about planes alignments and how it would affect seismology. How scientifically true is that?
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Geo-Spherical shape of Earth

I know that the best possible approximation of the shape of earth is an oblate sphere. But people also call it as geo-spherical shape of the Earth. What is the meaning of geospherical shape? Does this ...
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Why is there a clear space between the ground and the cloud base?

On Earth there is a clear space between the ground and the cloud base. This phenomenon is not confined to Earth, it's the same on Venus, Mars and Titan (moon of Saturn). Is there a law of physics ...
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Strength of Magnetic Field at Mid Point of a Reversal

As the duration of a magnetic reversal can be up to 12,000 years, could there come a time mid-way in the transition when Earth's magnetic field is as negligible as that of Mars or Venus? Magnetic ...
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