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What kind of projection is that?

I found this figure in the paper: Atlantic overturning: new observations and challenges by Srokosz et al. I wonder what kind of projection this is and what the advantages of it are? It looks to me as ...
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How do I obtain latitude and longitude coordinates from synoptic weather charts

I have collection of images of synoptic weather charts downloaded from Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) which is in GIF format. I'm interested in obtaining the lat lon coordinates of cold fronts (thick ...
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How to find out if three points on Earth are on the same great circle arc?

I am trying to figure out whether 3 particular points on Earth's surface are on the same arc (of a great circle) or not. Using Google Earth's (also ArcGIS Earth's) line tool, I see that the points are ...
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Extract data from NetCDF file with tripolar projection for lat & long coordinates

I have coordinates obtained from Google Maps (latitude and longitude). I also downloaded a number of NetCDF4 files for different years and months that contain sea surface temperature (SST) from the ...
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Reading WKT data results in border deformations

I am not a geoscientist (I do computer graphics), however I am trying to render some geospatial data encoded as a WKT file. I have a POLYGON with 2 coordinates per ...
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map projections that minimises differences

I have an odd map projection requirement, but I would like a world map projection where even very small countries, like Luxembourg or Belgium are still visible when also showing China and Canada on ...
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What map projection preserves latitude?

I just want see which cities are on the same latitude as others. Please recommend latitude-preserving projection that's free and online.
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Projecting rectangular stereography centred on 42°N, 10°E

I am reposting from GIS Stack Exchange as here might also be someone who might help: I have a precipitation GRIB2 file obtained at EUMETSAT H-SAF I am able to decode it to ascii but the software I am ...
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Distortion-free map of all continents [closed]

I've been searching for a map that shows all continents in their actual size that is free of projection distortion, to no avail. Every map I found was of a particular projection type and as such ...
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Is there a map that displays every country at its correct relative size?

I know that the standard Mercator projection is completely wrong when it comes to the relative sizes of countries (Greenland appears relatively much larger than in reality, for example). AFAIK they do ...
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Inconsistency between topographic survey and Google Earth

For a piece of land in Peru (Zone 18K), I was provided the following UTM coordinates (showing just one): 140800 E 8176337 N. However, when I look up the site on Google Earth, while the N coordinate is ...
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What is the maximum value of Easting in UTM coordinates?

What is the maximum value of Easting in UTM coordinates? In many websites I found the answer of maximum value is about 834000 meters, but if you convert some of these coordinates below the value will ...
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Iowa State GOES Visible Data - misaligned EPSG:4326

The WMS server of Iowa State is serving data for the GOES-13 satellite in the visible channel. As best as I can tell, the data is misaligned with other data sources. For example, in a WMS client, ...
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Where to find an accurate Mercator Projection world image?

I'm sorry if this doesn't fit "Earth Science" too well. No idea where else to ask this! Can anyone help me find an accurate world map in Mercator Projection? It doesn't need political borders or too ...
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