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Questions about using weather balloons and dropsondes to measure vertical profiles of the atmosphere

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What are the coldest and hottest ever recorded temperatures at the stratopause?

The stratopause is separating the stratosphere from the mesosphere around 47-53 km (29-33 mi) altitude. Standard atmosphere models give its temperature as minus 2.5°C, but how strong are its ...
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High vertical resolution atmospheric sounding data

I'm currently doing some analysis using atmospheric sounding data available at University of Wyoming (I assume these are from the GTS network). But, the vertical resolution of the sounding data ...
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CAPE Calculation

I read in various places that CAPE is the area between temperature and the saturated adiabat through LCL from LFC to EL and approximated by $\bigl(\sum_{i=LFC}^{EL} {T_{ap}-T_e\over T_e} \...
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T-phigram satellite derived sounding vs model output question

I have this satellite derived sounding(T-phi gram) of a mountainous area and from what little I can make out it appears that probability of precipitation is almost negligible. Let us assume my model ...
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Why do meteorologists use DM and equal height surfaces for some maps?

In discussions from the National Weather Service, storm systems are often quantified in terms of DM, such as in this forecast discussion from Los Angeles/Oxnard on February 15, 2017: A strong and ...
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Are there any books, websites, etc. that have many practice problems for Skew-T diagrams and the atmospheric sciences in general?

I am asking because my Intro to Atmospheric Science class (lectures, labs, and the book) has not provided any practice examples of Skew-T diagrams, Coriolis force calculations, LCL (liquid ...
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What's with this anomaly in this sounding (the CAPE and CIN readings)?

This sounding is from 2 hours after the 2.6 mile wide El Reno tornado on May 31 2013.
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What is the reason why there are radiosonde measurements in the atmosphere?

I have seen weather balloon measurements of air. Why is this done? Aren't the measurements we take on the ground enough?
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Pressure of condensation of an air parcel

If a parcel of air ascends adiabatically, would condensation be reached at the lifting condensation level (LCL) or the level of free condensation (LFC)?
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How do I interpret the specs of a weather balloon?

I'm planning a high-altitude weather balloon project (to around 100000 feet, or 30 km) some time down the line to take video and pictures of near space altitudes and I have some questions I need to ...
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How can I plot a Skew-T log-P diagram?

For displaying atmospheric soundings the use of Skew-T Log-P diagrams is very common. The manual THE USE OF SKEW T, LOG P DIAGRAM IN ANALYSIS AND FORECASTING from the Air Weather Service explains what ...
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