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Do the large forests remove CO2 from the atmosphere?

Thomas L. Friedman, the New York Times columnist, wrote yesterday: These intact forests — from those in the Amazon and Congo River basins to ones in Canada, Russia and Ecuador — are the world’s life-...
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Temperate Rainforests

I have heard that the Appalachian Mountains is qualified as a temperate rainforest. What qualifies a temperate rainforest and what makes the Appalachian Mountains a temperate rainforest?
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Which Farm Crops Are Most Efficient at Reducing Local CO2?

The presence of nearby rainforest is known to measurably deplete the local atmospheric $\small\mathsf{CO_2}$ content, but how much would $\small\mathsf{CO_2}$-hungry crops reduce local $\small\mathsf{...
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Is the Amazon rainforest resistant to fires?

Comparing the picture from Wikipedia that delimits the Amazon rainforest and the picture of the recent dramatic fires in the area that NASA published, what I can gather is that the burned zone is the ...
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